What loans usually give more problems?



In the financial sector there are more problematic loans than others is something that no one can doubt.

There are loans that can give more problems than others understanding problems issues of defaults, debts …

In refinanciación-deudas.es we are going to give you our opinion about what we believe are the complicated loans off the market at the moment that we wrote this article, this is in September 2016.

Because it is not a static thing, difficult loans can be today and tomorrow others.

More than complicated or difficult loans we would rather have to talk about loans whose probability of something going wrong is higher than the average.

Of all those we see in the market, the biggest one is the micro-loans.

Microcredits are small loans that allow clients to get money instantly, something that the rest of the loans we see in the market do not allow.

It is one of the most processed loans to date because of the ease with which they can be obtained in the market.

Which loans tend to give the most problems? Debt refinancing, refinancing debts, urgent loans, quick loans, micro loans, debt grouping

However, despite all this, it is also one of the quick credits that can generate the most problems for applicants once they have signed the loan.

Neither is it the fault of the financier that offers these loans online because the maximum culprits are the customers.

They are because a person what cannot do is sign a loan that knows does not fit what he needed and then blame the financial.

And the numbers and statistics are just what it shows, that many customers are processing this financing even looking for a completely different loan.


Why do they sign these loans if they know they will not be able to pay them?

They do it because it is possible that these people have not got funding anywhere by going to the end of financial easy money.

A person who needs say € 5000 through a personal loan can not get anywhere is possible in the end end up asking for mini loans in different financial to try to add the amount you need.

By statistics, that person will not be able to return the credit, ending the same unpaid.

We consider that this financing can cause problems for two reasons, first because it increases the indebtedness of the people in an important way in case of non-payment and second because of the inclusion in the asset listings.

If you can not pay for one of these online loans, in the end, it will be just what will happen.

And not only occurs with these loans, with those that can be processed quickly and easily happens the same.

It is necessary to take into account the late payment interest applied by the financial company in case of non-payment as well as the consequences of non-payment.

As usual, online loans are the ones that can cause the most problems due to the default rate.

Neither is it a novelty, the faster a loan is signed, the fewer things the financial company has taken into account and therefore the operation is more likely to be denied.

For this reason, quick loans tend to have higher default rates than loans processed slowly.

The approval rate also influences, slow loans usually put many more requirements while urgent loans are considered by many as easy loans.

Loans between people – Refinancing debts

If there is something we like about interpersonal loans, it is that the process is different from the bank.

This is valued in a financial market where more and more people are looking for loans in places other than banking.

They know that banks are very slow when it comes to processing and signing credits so that you prefer alternatives like this one.

In refinanciacion-deudas.es we know this well because we know the reasons for processing financing nowadays.

People in spite of paying attention to the cost will also take into account other things such as speed or ease.

Trying to get the cheapest loan possible does not always bring the best results.

Not at all, in fact the financial market shows us every day how all these bank loans are very difficult to obtain.

Taking into account the numerous requirements that the entities put in the loan signature is logical.

Characteristics of loans between people

When we talk about these quick loans we have to understand that the person who loans is a private individual or company.

It is not as such a financial institution dedicated specifically to the signing of loans.

In fact it is not what happens in these particular loans .

The investors that lend what they do is invest their money in profitable and safe investments.

Money lenders are those who make these credits with the idea of obtaining a return.

For them the signing of credits is an investment opportunity.

A profitable and safe investment at least when the applicants provide guarantees.

Because in the same way there are private investors who only lend with endorsement those who are willing to sign without endorsement.

We can see it in the numerous platforms dedicated to the signature of loans between individuals.

In this way we can indicate among the main characteristics the following:

  1. Private investors are mostly non-professionals who invest their money.
  2. The profitability of these investments ranges between 8% and 15% per annum, although it depends on the type of financial operation.
  3. It is about safe investments since in the signature of the loan the investors lend a maximum of 35% of the appraisal value.

This means that the investment of the investors is completely guaranteed.

  1. We can say that they are also quick loans since the processing is done very quickly.

Different money platforms offer these credits

We can mention two different types of businesses.

  • Private financiers:

They are those companies specialized in the signature of private capital loans.

They are formed by professionals of the sector and are specialized in the signature of mortgage loans with property guarantee.

Finding people and companies that are willing to invest in private capital here is easy.

It is because there are guarantees that protect investors’ investment.

We can also meet with private financiers who make loans without endorsement but it is not usual.

It will not be because most of what they do is to lend only with endorsements in between.

  • Platforms between individuals

Instead of offering loans with endorsement for people, they are focused on loans to SMEs.

They offer financing through the Crowdlending also called Crowdfounding being some loans directed towards companies.

As you can imagine this financing will be much more complicated to achieve given the characteristics of this financing.

And there is more.

In summary, this is what we can say about interpersonal loans or private loans.

Investors of private capital and work with financiers

Something mandatory in the private loan firm is to have private equity investors .

It is necessary since the signing of these credits goes through private money lenders.

And the private lenders in short what they are is investors who are willing to lend to make money.

The function of private equity investors is to function as the lenders of the financial ones.

These companies are the ones that are in charge of being able to give exit to the operations working or offering investments to these lenders.

The relationship between private equity companies and their investors is direct in the sense that one provides them with operations while the other firms the credits.

Therefore, it is logical that private financiers are willing to know the financial market better.

Nor can we forget the fact that through these loans customers obtain financing that otherwise would not be possible.

If there is something positive about private investors, they sign credits that other financiers would not be willing.

With this we are not saying that they are easy loans, now, compared to other entities if they are.

Especially if we compare them with banking entities or financial institutions.

Investors of private capital and management carried in the market

What management is done by these investors?

Do you carry out any management in the loan signature?

It depends on the financial in question where you ask for the financing although I can tell you that normally investors are limited to signing the loan.

In private finance companies and those dedicated to signing loans, investors only appear in the credit signature.

In many cases in fact they do not even appear in this phase when they are empowered by the financiers who finally sign the credits.

With this, what I want to tell you is that the presence of these private equity investors is not frequent in the financial sector.

Normal if you think about it when these investors all they want is to invest their money to get the maximum possible return.

Others seek to invest in safe investments being also a possibility in the financing sector.

For all this it is logical that from our company we always say that it is advisable to go to private financiers and never to direct investors.

Not only is the lack of information and financial knowledge is also the difference in management.

Private investors when they work on their own

When this happens the problem for the clients is that they do not obtain financial advice.

Something that also in the private equity firm is recommended in all cases be a personal loan or a loan with endorsement.

Although private lenders who work on their own are not usual, we can also see them when the time comes.

As for the terms of their loans, not by going to them, people will get cheaper loans.

In fact, this option is the last one for the clients when even by private capital financiers the operation has been denied.

As you see, the role of private equity investors in these loans is almost always limited to lending money.

What is 100% sure is the importance of these private equity investors in the private financing market.

Private financiers in the offer of private loans

Private financiers are known in many ways but basically they are those companies specialized in offering loans between people.

They are therefore those companies that offer loans between individuals being what they really do an intermediation work.

They are not usually the ones who lend the money but rather it is usually the company’s investors who do it.

With this what we want to say is that although as such they can seem financial as they are banks and other entities are not 100%.

Something that is honestly not so different from what happens in other entities.

Consumer finance companies may not have investors or lenders but, on the contrary, partners or owners who are the ones who end up putting the money.

The same with banking entities and their shareholders.

We could therefore see individual lenders as the “business partners” of such private equity financiers.

Private financiers and what people think of them

Those who do not know the operation of such financial first thing they usually think is that these are easy money companies.

That is the feeling they have because there are many easy and fast loans that these companies process.

The majority of micro loans that we see today are a clear example of easy loans are private financial records who offer and sign them.

The same happens with most of the difficult loans being those that through other financial institutions there is no possibility of obtaining.

However, in Prestamosonlineconasnef we always emphasize that it is not a case of financial institutions where everyone has access.

Despite being able to manage easy loans for many people there are also some who can not access this financing.

That is the first mistake of the people who want to access this financing, which takes for granted things that are not.

The particular lenders, who ultimately decide whether they end up signing the credit or not, also use their variables to determine if the operation is viable or not.

Anyone who believes that private financiers sign credits independently of the financial situation of their clients is in error.

Loans offered in private finance companies

If we take a look at the offer they have, we will see how much of it is about secured loans.

The credits without endorsements being what many seek in the first place are a minority when we talk about private financing.

In fact we can even affirm that less than 5% of financial institutions of this type are those that accept to sign without endorsement.

And thanks to options such as online financial specialized in microcredit and similar loans have some market.

If this were not so, it is practically certain that talking about personal loans would be a complete utopia.

In practice, therefore, they are the ones we see when the client needs complicated credits, such as loans with asnef.

Credits of this type are used above all for this as well as for quick money.

That, then, we could say, is the main utility of private finances.