Credit for companies – instant loan online

Term to secure the future of your company Applying for a loan in Switzerland as a self-employed person is not always easy. With the right loan, we support your plans – whether in the short term to secure liquidity or in the long term to secure the future of your company. We make sure that […]

Credit for Self Employed Austria – Instant Loan Online

This means that over two-thirds of the time the capital comes from a bank. Ultimately, companies are self-employed. In Vienna, Styria, Burgenland and Lower Austria, there are now cheap microloans for business start-ups and young entrepreneurs. The difficulties become even greater when you are independent. Not only in Austria, the number of credit offers is […]

Cash in 24 hours – instant loan online

Online and borrow the money digitally Identify yourself online and borrow the money digitally. Without pen, without paper: everything online. Upload the invoice, conditions received, then the payout within 24 hours. The cashper offers mini-credits of USD 100 to USD 600 and the money will be transferred within 24 hours. If there is a short-term […]

Loan Calculator 24 – Instant Loan Online

Loan calculator calculates the amount of the installments The loan calculator calculates the amount of the installments, the term, the maximum possible loan amount or the remaining debt of a loan. If you have questions about comparison calculators, our loan calculator guide will help you. Many consumers turn to their home bank for a loan. […]

How to borrow money easily and quickly – Loans

It can quickly become a jungle to find around the different loan types. Should you choose a micro loan, a quick loan or a consumer loan? The similarity of the loans is that it is easy and fast. You do not have to go to your bank and fill out one document after another. For […]

Online credit 24 tv experience – instant loan online

The borrower is entitled to an effective interest rate pa 2.99 per cent with a term of 24 months. Additional Plus: The Negative Rate Loan is not just the cheapest online loan, but also quickly available. The Porta advertising on TV and Internet promises incredible: a loan of 0 percent! Through online queries and express […]

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What loans usually give more problems?

    In the financial sector there are more problematic loans than others is something that no one can doubt. There are loans that can give more problems than others understanding problems issues of defaults, debts … In refinanciació we are going to give you our opinion about what we believe are the complicated loans […]

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Loans between people – Refinancing debts

If there is something we like about interpersonal loans, it is that the process is different from the bank. This is valued in a financial market where more and more people are looking for loans in places other than banking. They know that banks are very slow when it comes to processing and signing credits […]

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Investors of private capital and work with financiers

Something mandatory in the private loan firm is to have private equity investors . It is necessary since the signing of these credits goes through private money lenders. And the private lenders in short what they are is investors who are willing to lend to make money. The function of private equity investors is to […]

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Private financiers in the offer of private loans

Private financiers are known in many ways but basically they are those companies specialized in offering loans between people. They are therefore those companies that offer loans between individuals being what they really do an intermediation work. They are not usually the ones who lend the money but rather it is usually the company’s investors […]