What loans usually give more problems?



In the financial sector there are more problematic loans than others is something that no one can doubt.

There are loans that can give more problems than others understanding problems issues of defaults, debts …

In refinanciación-deudas.es we are going to give you our opinion about what we believe are the complicated loans off the market at the moment that we wrote this article, this is in September 2016.

Because it is not a static thing, difficult loans can be today and tomorrow others.

More than complicated or difficult loans we would rather have to talk about loans whose probability of something going wrong is higher than the average.

Of all those we see in the market, the biggest one is the micro-loans.

Microcredits are small loans that allow clients to get money instantly, something that the rest of the loans we see in the market do not allow.

It is one of the most processed loans to date because of the ease with which they can be obtained in the market.

Which loans tend to give the most problems? Debt refinancing, refinancing debts, urgent loans, quick loans, micro loans, debt grouping

However, despite all this, it is also one of the quick credits that can generate the most problems for applicants once they have signed the loan.

Neither is it the fault of the financier that offers these loans online because the maximum culprits are the customers.

They are because a person what cannot do is sign a loan that knows does not fit what he needed and then blame the financial.

And the numbers and statistics are just what it shows, that many customers are processing this financing even looking for a completely different loan.


Why do they sign these loans if they know they will not be able to pay them?

They do it because it is possible that these people have not got funding anywhere by going to the end of financial easy money.

A person who needs say € 5000 through a personal loan can not get anywhere is possible in the end end up asking for mini loans in different financial to try to add the amount you need.

By statistics, that person will not be able to return the credit, ending the same unpaid.

We consider that this financing can cause problems for two reasons, first because it increases the indebtedness of the people in an important way in case of non-payment and second because of the inclusion in the asset listings.

If you can not pay for one of these online loans, in the end, it will be just what will happen.

And not only occurs with these loans, with those that can be processed quickly and easily happens the same.

It is necessary to take into account the late payment interest applied by the financial company in case of non-payment as well as the consequences of non-payment.

As usual, online loans are the ones that can cause the most problems due to the default rate.

Neither is it a novelty, the faster a loan is signed, the fewer things the financial company has taken into account and therefore the operation is more likely to be denied.

For this reason, quick loans tend to have higher default rates than loans processed slowly.

The approval rate also influences, slow loans usually put many more requirements while urgent loans are considered by many as easy loans.